Language : Tactics for sitting for the TOEFL Test ( PART 2 )

Building Skills for the TOEFL is designed to help you to develop skills required to be successful on the actual TOEFL. The following advice on TOEFL tactics will help you to make the best use of all the material presented through out the TOEFL Module.

ii.> TOEFL Tactics : Planning your Program

1.) You need a clear overview of the materials
2.) You need to spread your study over a many week as possible. it is not a good idea to do a lot of studying in a short amount of time.
3.) You need to use all the materials for each section.
4.) You can study together with your friends who are good at TOEFL. it will help you prepare your TOEFL Test.
5.) You need to study each day, on a regular basic. One hour of study on each of six days is more beneficial than six hours of study on one day.
6.) If you are studying with a class, what is important for you to do your homework carefully everyday. What you do at home is sometime more important than what you do in class. You can not benefit from the teacher's presentation unless you are prepared for the class.

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