VBScript : Add Printer

PrintServer1 = "\\\Xerox_Pool_Black"
PrintServer2 = "\\\Xerox_Pool_Color"
set objNetwork = createobject("Wscript.Network")
'**** Make the printer default
objNetwork.SetDefaultPrinter PrintServer1
msgbox("Add Printer Succesfully")

Save text as .vbs

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Registry : Insert Exceptions

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

Save as Exceptions.reg

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BOOK : TRUMP How to Get Rich

"Trump: How to get Rich" is written by the star of the hit reality TV program "The Apprentice", Donald Trump. It is a candidly written account of the daily events in the life of Trump. He discusses real estate, business leadership, his empire, the media, and "the art of the hair"!

How to Get Rich is far from an academic read, which makes it a fast paced conversational-like book. The author is one of the most well known faces in New York, particularly after the success of his reality TV program, where he made the term "You're Fired" famous. Trump is a proud man that is proud of his achievements and is quite happy to talk about them. Depending on how the reader takes the information he presents, one could look at the book as simply being self promotional and self aggrandizing or one could look at Trump's stories as being inspirational and something to aim for.

Donald J. Trump's "How to Get Rich" probably won't make you rich like the title suggests, but it is an entertaining read.

Trump: How to Get Rich Book Quotes

"The best negotiators are chameleons. Their attitude, demeanor, approach, and posture in negotiation will depend on the person on the other side of the table."
"New York magazine wrote that I'd 'perfected the pompad-over.' The New York Times called it 'an elaborate structure best left to an architecture critic.'" (Trump talking about his hair)
"Having a well developed ego, contrary to popular opinion, is a positive attribute."

Trump: How to Get Rich Book Contents

Introduction: Five Billion Reasons Why You Should Read This Book
Part 1: The Donald J. Trump School of Business and Management
Part 2: Your Personal Apprenticeship (Career Advice from The Donald)
Part 3: Money, Money, Money, Money
Part 4: The Secrets of Negotiation
Part 5: The Trump Lifestyle
Part 6: Inside the Apprentice

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Writing : About Myself

My name is Netikorn Chaimongkol. My father is the farming at Nang-Rong in Burirum while my mother is the teacher at Surasakmontree School in Bangkok.

Regarding my educational background, I got Bachelor Degree in computer from the school of engineer, Bangkok University. After graduation I passed the examination and pursued a Master Degree in business from school of graduate studies, Bangkok University on the thesis title The Decision to use the internet banking under supervision of Professor Wuthichai Sittimalakorn and graduated in 2009

Since there, I have worked as engineer in Solution Integration Group (SIG) at Metro Systems Public Company Limited (MSC). My responsibilities are planning process, installing programs, solving problems and answering questions from user about Server, Domino, Lotus Notes, Blackberry, Computer Networking, the internet and etc.

The next plan in my life is an improvement English Language to success before end of this year and get TOEFL score more than 100 points. After that, I will find a scholarship for go to study in United States

I am proud that I have righ choices in my life such as setting the goals or objectives and studying English, I have made the right decision to sharpen my ideas and strengthen my basic skill and knowledge at Finance School. I am quite confident that my teacher, P' SOM and Dr. Krittakorn, will bring me to discover the magic skill in writing.

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Reading : How to reading the inequality

› is greater than
‹ is less than
≥ is greater than or equal to
≤ is less than or equal to
≠ is not equal to

7 › 5
- Seven is greater than five.

4 + 2 ‹ 9
- Four plus two is less than nine.

X x 3 ≥ 24
- X times three is greater than or equal to twenty-four.

10 ≠ 5 + 4
- Ten is not equal to five plus four.

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Reading : How to reading the equation

4+2 = 6
- Four plus two equals six.

4-2 = 2
- Four minus two equals two.

4x2 = 8
- Four times two equals eight.

4/2 = 2
- Four divided by two equals two.

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Reading : How to Reading date

21st March
- the twenty-first of March

22nd March
- the twenty-second of March

23rd March
- the twenty-third of March

24th March
- the twenty-fourth of March

March 21
- March the twenty-first

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